The Domaine des Fonds Blancs is primarily the project of a child of the island concerned to share the beauty of his native island in premium conditions. The first villa, Villa Isabelle, was named after his wife, suites, those of his grandchildren.

A token of love for his family and Martinique in the service of a sublime project.

Conquered by the seabed pristine sand, he chose the Domaine des Fonds Blancs in order to express his intentions and offer the opportunity to all to have access to this unique and exclusive site in more ways than one.

Between lush vegetation and turquoise lagoon, this property over17,000 m2 offers one of the most beautiful areas of the island. To give this sleeping place rebirth it deserves, it took nearly two years of work, commitment and passion.

One imperative: to preserve its character and authenticity.

The bet is successful. The first villa – Villa Isabelle – emerges and now gives the opportunity to enjoy, with exclusive luxury, wealth of one of the most precious jewels of the Caribbean.