Christmas in Martinique

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Christmas in Martinique is as much about private homes, public buildings and squares decorated as it is in New-York or Paris and as in many places of the world, children dream of the many presents to come. Christmas in Martinique tell however of a singular story. The filao trees, our version of the “Sapin de Noël” (Christmas Tree), sparkle as …

Caravelle Peninsula

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The majestic Caravelle peninsula of volcanic rock stretches for 10km into the Atlantic Ocean off the northeast coast of Martinique. It is a protected nature conservation area, part regional park and part nature reserve, and home to an extraordinary diversity of flora and wildlife. From the high cliffs and turbulent coast in the north to the quieter bays in the …


Visit Habitation Clément Distillery

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Imagine yourself in the middle of a field of sugar cane, stepped in history and tradition…. A few minutes drive from Le Domaine des Fonds Blancs, Welcome at the Habitation Clement. In the area of Francois, the Habitation Clément Distillery is the only “habitation” open entirely to the public. A visit to the Habitation Clement will take you on a journey back in time, through the …